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A day or so ago someone (thanks Blair!) pointed out that this site wasn’t being too friendly to mobile visitors – in fact, it was displaying a 404 to every mobile visitor. Ouch. This happened before and I fixed it, however I didn’t fix it in a completely sustainable way. However “fixing it” again still meant that the site was still serving up the same 6+ year old design to all visitors, and it really wasn’t a pleasant experience on mobile devices. So I’ve just taken the time to do a very quick skin update to something...

Delegating access to a single Amazon S3 bucket

I’ve just been playing around delegating access to some Amazon S3 resources using IAM and Cloudberry explorer, and found a small but useful tip for anyone doing the same thing – don’t forget to give the user account access to s3:ListAllMyBuckets, or your testing isn’t going to go very far. I’m using Cloudberry Explorer Pro, and couldn’t see an easy way to do this using the Policy Designer (not saying it isn’t there – just that I got bored looking), so I simply edited the policy script, added the ListsAllMyBuckets action and set the resource to be arn:aws:s3:::* – the final...

Where does technical debt come from

Over the past year I’ve been dealing with some technical debt across a couple of different ASP.NET applications that we recently inherited. As part of that work I’ve spent a bit of time thinking about technical debt, how to deal with it, and how to avoid it. Describing the subject of technical debt as interesting might be overstating things a little however it is a subject which is relevant to most developers at some point in their career. So when I read this article (Lotus Notes - a Double Edged Sword) it struck me as a great example of...

Looking back on the past couple of years as a freelancer

It's coming up to the 2 year mark since I resigned from my full time job and went into freelancing / owning my own businesses. After many years of working as an employee, a contractor and doing small bits of freelancing on the side I probably thought that switching to freelancing would be a bit easier than it ended up being, which is part of why I wanted to write a little about my experiences. There's plenty of material out there offering freelancers helpful tips or things to avoid - this post is similar to many of those, but it's...

“Veolia Transport apologises...”

There’s nothing like getting a text alert from the Auckland train service which reads “Attn Passengers. Major delays on Network. Please find alternative transport” on a Friday afternoon to make me glad to be working at home a lot right now (and especially today). Tags: NZ

Remove trailing characters (and a small rant)

Often when coding I’ll search for a snippet of code to avoid reinventing the wheel. Code re-use is good, right? From now on, whenever a search like that ends up sending me over to experts-exchange.com (which is a signup, members only site that shows the question text for all to see but masks the answers to entice people to sign up) I’m going to make an effort to write up a free version of  the answer here. I really dislike that site, because all hits from there are a complete waste of time for a non member....

How to recognise a good programmer

A lot of these are common sense, nonetheless How to recognise a good programmer is worth a read if you’re someone involved in the hiring process. The author uses the subtitle "How do you recognise good programmers if you’re a business guy", but it’s relevant to technical people too. If you take one thing and one thing only away from the article, then it should be reinforcement of the value of passion in anyone who works with computers.

SQL Profiler templates

Way back when I was using the 2000 version of SQL Profiler I would always apply a filter to restrict my profiling by database id. On busy servers it’s simply the only way to fly. When I moved to using the SQL 2005 version of profiler I was quite shocked to find this option wasn’t visible. I did a bit of searching, but found nothing, and was in a hurry to get my profiling done - so I gave up. Whenever I’m using profiler there’s usually a...

New Technical Preview of Live Writer available

Grab it here. The UI looks a bit more polished in a few places, and they’ve added some improved support for those who publish images and video frequently including support for LightBox and other image previewing effects (like Slimbox, Smoothbox, and others). The inline previewing looks incredibly useful. Here’s hoping it works on my 64 bit XP box at home.


jsvi is a JavaScript version of VI. Looks scarily useful. Tags: JavaScript , VI

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